I am Katyana De Campos, after modelling for years, in 2017-18, I have started to study Makeup Artistry at The MVA alias Michael Vincent Academy in Los Angeles California. After each makeup creation, I was taking a few pictures and I realised that photography was what I truely love to do, so I ended up  taking the Digital Makeup class at MVA.

I have been modelling most of my life and when I took the camera it felt familiar and a lot of inspiration came through me, I felt like I could now express myself  differently by being behind the camera. It was a fresh new beginning in life.

I get a visual in my head, I then create the Makeup, Style the wardrobe, Style the hair, and of course, I photographs and edit.

I enjoy doing what I love. Being a psychic-medium and a photographer is a true blessing, a gift that I am grateful for.

I hope that you find the answers to your questions.

Thank you,