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By william Kornbloom


WE RECORDS is a Marseille association which was created in 2011 by Mr Jean Sylva, president of the association, in order to act with positivity and efficiency in favor of communities experiencing difficult situations.

The Mayor of the 13th-14th century invited by WE RECORDS to the Visitation Several projects supported by the prefect for equal opportunities of the city of Marseille have already been carried out for the “La Visitation” district. These initiatives and actions have been positively noted, and the support of the city, the metropolis, foundations, donors, volunteers, etc. as well as the media interest brought even more motivation and determination to WE RECORDS to act and do more.

Cesaria Evora in the La Visitation district. The enormous work carried out by this association is paying off little by little, its actions, its positive and relevant ideaslinked to social integration, well-being, art, sport, education, etc., as well as a small, significant contribution to reducing the crime rate through constant encouragement given to residents of these difficult neighborhoods to encourage them to participate in solving problems and taking care of their place of life.

Painting have been created to raise the heads of all and mainly for the people living there to be proud.

Some of these ideas have already proven successful on several levels, such as simply finally seeing children play outside, bring well-being through these colorful frescoes on buildings and which, as Mr Sylva tells us, also aim to make people look up in every sense of the word.
The involvement of the communities in the realization of projects… (learning, education, art, expressing oneself as a citizen…) also brings color, life, hope, confidence to everyone.

In 2024, WE RECORDS restructures and modernizes the association. She announces the integration of new elements, such as Ms. De Campos, vice-president, Mr. Jérôme, treasurer, and a team of enthusiastic volunteers. All these actors, full of ideas, will, motivated and determined, bring new energy to the association. A great team full of integrity, dedicated to serving others, who innovates, acts and has a promising future.

Interview by Claude Pellier